Most typical flight booking errors and how to avoid them

cheap-flight-ticketsErrors in flight bookings and tickets are not free but expensive and problematic. Low cost companies use to be less permisive with errors, even more with cheap flight tickets. Continue reading

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5 months summer in Malaga, a long term holiday in Spain

Yes, it is true that the months of May, September or October have nothing to do with the months of June, July and August, when the sun hits the beaches right from early morning until late afternoon.

While it is true that autumn is just around the corner, here we still do not have to keep the summer clothes in the closet. And on a beautiful day like today, with blue sky and warm sun, we can enjoy beautiful days on the beach. Continue reading

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Costa del Sol facts, a popular destination in Spain

The popular Costa del Sol, considered one of the major tourist areas worldwide, is covering 160 kilometres of coastline in Malaga, southern Spain. Malaga city is situated in its centre, serving as the imaginary line between the eastern and the western Costa del Sol.
Costa del Sol

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Top 5 places not to visit in the world

The world’s smallest place, the harder accessible cabin, the steepest street in the world, a village with the most bizarre name, a sculpture of a man on fire under the sea … places where you would not go to visit them.

Not many people are able to cross half the world to ‘admire’ one of these rarities. Come to know more about the top 5 places not to visit by Continue reading

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Two of the best beaches in the world are Spanish

Australia nude beach

The beach of Las Catedrales in Galicia and Illetas beach in Balearic Islands, have been awarded, sixth and twelfth place respectively worldwide. They have also won awards at European level, with the beach of the Cathedrals being the second best beach in Europe and the fourth is the beach of Illetas. Continue reading | 1 Comment

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Several remains of Pompeii in Italy will be exposed in the British Museum

pompeiiDozens of items recovered from the wreckage of the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, buried by the Vesuvius volcano the year 79 after the common age, will leave Italy for the first time the next spring in 2013, those items will be exposed in the British Museum in London. Continue reading

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Caves of Nerja in Malaga, Spain

nerja caves paintingsLocated on the Mediterranean coast, in the province of Malaga at the southern of Spain, we can find the Nerja Caves, a valuable heritage place visited by thousands of tourists every year. It is located one kilometer far from the village of Maro in Nerja town (Malaga) and has a length of 4,283 meters. This location is one of the most important archaeological sites of the prehistoric times.

History of discovery

This cave of Nerja, is found by the begining of January 12, 1959 by a group of explorers. Continue reading to know more at Continue reading

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Urban exploration in Japan – Haikyo

haiko in JapanJapan is the cutting edge of many of the behaviors of modern societies. The country of the rising sun bring us trends and fashion between other things and this also happen when talking about tourism. In Japan there is a new trend: urban exploration and visiting old buildings, hospitals or even abandoned theme parks.

This new trend is known as Haikyo (“ruin” in Japanese) it consists basically in exploring abandoned places, from family houses to factories or hotels…who have never done this? I remember myself when I was younger visiting an abandoned hospital in my city and also a crypt inside an abandoned cathedral and I remember it was funny! (but dangerous!) Continue reading

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Coronado Beach, the best beach in the United States

The beach at Coronado Beach, in San Diego (California) has been chosen as the Best Beach in the United States ranking. This beach has been chosen attending to rigorous criteria as water quality, temperature, number of sunny days per year, wind speed and texture/color of the sand.

Coronado Beach California

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Top 5 destinations in Spain to visit

Spain mapSpain is a country where there are many things to do and places to visit, the gastronomy of some cities already justifies a visit to many of the destinations. It is possible that the reader may want to add their favorite cities or in some cases disagree with our list…which I really doubt, and I say I would doubt it because every city and town of the peninsula worth the visit, no matter in which order

Continue reading to discover our favorite Spanish destinations and to start planning your visit. We will welcome your ideas! Continue reading | 2 Comments

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