Airports and prohibited items

airports and prohibited itemsIn large airports, it is quite usual to find in the review area for the hand luggage, a huge box full of objects. These are elements that do not meet the standards of flight safety. Some of them are quite common: pliers, knives, bottles of liquid over 100ml, among others. But sometimes you can find particular things. In  a case I readed from a blogger, he saw from huge arches with their respective arrows to sticks,  in my case I was unable to check the box, but of course, the presence of that box has a clear message, if something does not meet the rules, it is confiscated, and that is visible to everyone.

The case of forbidden items came to my mind when I readed a blog post about it and checked a recommended link where I found Taryn Simon’s photographs, which were presented in a series of photo exhibitions under the name of “Contraband. ” Over one thousand images taken in New York’s JFK airport, which lists items seized from passengers for not complying with the laws of the United States. Among them, plant products, drugs, animal parts, counterfeit products, and others. The overwhelming variety of objects, to the point that there comes a time when we cease to be amazed by the strange things that passengers can try to get to the plane.

The photo that opens this post corresponds to “ocas”, a tuber grown in the Peruvian Andes. But you can find many more amazing things. You can find more photos on the website of Taryn Simon.

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