European airlines Flights to New York cancelled due Irene Hurricane

Although the closure of New York airports will affect both international and national flights to New York, it will not prevent the departure of flights, at least until further notice.

Irene hurricaneA cancellation of all buses, the New York metropolitan, trains in New York and New Jersey Transit has been also announced.

European airlines cancel flights to New York

Some of the major European airlines such as Iberia, Lufthansa, British Airways and Air France have opted to cancel flights to New York because of the hurricane.

Iberia airplanes

The Spanish airline Iberia has opted for total cancellation of their planned flights between Madrid and New York until Monday at noon, and has offered those affected the possibility of requesting a change of dates, depending on availability, or request reimbursement of their flight tickets. Iberia has two daily routes from Madrid – Barajas Airport to JFK New York, at 13.50 and 16.50 local time (11.50-14.50 GMT), which must be added two others back, leaving at 18.00 and 21.00 local time ( 16.00-19.00 GMT) on the East Coast of the United States.

In addition to New York airport , there are more  affected cities with cancellations like Boston, Philadelphia or Washington. There could be around 2,000 passengers affected. However, this number rises significantly when taking into account other Iberia flights operated on Saturday and Sunday by American Airlines or British Airways and connecting Madrid, Barcelona or London with the City of New York.

Air France has followed the example of Iberia, and canceled all flights to the East Coast of the United States planned for this Saturday and Sunday as well as those which had to take off from JFK airport New York City. Air France have also suspended flights to Washington, but not to Boston, while tomorrow will be the reverse situation for those two locations.

On the other hand, German airline Lufthansa, Europe’s largest airline, has chosen to cancel many flights, all flights to New York this Saturday has been canceled,  while flights to Boston or Philadelphia will be canceled this Sunday, Washington however will still receive flights by Lufthansa.

British Airways, which has not detailed how many flights they canceled, said  the airline is in constant review of the hurricane evolution. Those traveling to the New York JFK and Newark will be “particularly affected.”

We urge passengers to check the airline’s website where you will find the latest information about it and those passengers whose flights have been canceled can request a full refund or book another flight at a later date. British Airways also allow customers with flights scheduled to or from cities in the U.S. east coast to change their reservations if their flights are scheduled between 25 and 30 August.

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