Low cost flights reviews: Ryanair and Social Media

Actually is normal to read about the policies companies should take social media. Most of the tips assume a point: that to the questions and complaints from users, companies must provide an answer. When you take a long time to answer a complaint,  companies are considered not to be doing a good job, especially when the person who complains is a “relevance user”, who can have many followers in social networks.


But there is always the exception to the rule, a fairly obvious case is Ryanair. The company, a major European company for low cost flights, even has not an official Twitter account. To complaints of singer Lily Allen on Twitter, with more than 3 million followers, who complaint about having to have the boarding pass imprinted or the company would bill you the same amount for giving it to you in paper, the company simply did not answer. Nothing. Not to say that the singer was wrong, or that those are the company policies. Total silence.

On the one hand, we must recognize that Ryanair has always been a company that managed to get in the media with very low investment, especially from advancing ideas quite striking when it comes to cutting costs. But his “no politics” in social networking is really very striking, and goes against how much is being said in the tourism industry. While acknowledging that the customer service, and investment at this point, is not exactly one of the strengths of the company.

My personal opinion about this issue is that markets are becoming crazy with social media. I would never as example follow a flight company neither a hotel or a car hire website, why would I want to do this?,  maybe a travel website where I can find travel tips updated is something i would follow, but a tradermark? no thanks…

On the other side, trying to take a flight without your boarding pass is just a nosense, most people know that at least most companies, not only flight companys will bill you for having to print it for you if you are lucky, in the worst case you just loose your right to use the service, so if she forgot it, it is her fault if it is advised on booking with Ryanair, and I guess it is.

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