Most typical flight booking errors and how to avoid them

cheap-flight-ticketsErrors in flight bookings and tickets are not free but expensive and problematic. Low cost companies use to be less permisive with errors, even more with cheap flight tickets.


When you are about to take a flight a misspelling in the name of the ticket holder may be an impediment for the flight, an expensive one. When you are booking online revise carefully your name before clicking on confirmation, an error can be expensive and problematic.

Name should appear as in your passport with very few excepcions, like special characters from your own language.

Correcting errors on the tickets and reservations usually costs money, is not a fixed penalty as it depends on the airline.

Some airlines allow no additional corrections within hours of making the reservation, others will allow a change on the name if the error is very light and does not imply a name change.

These are some of the companies and some of the costs to rectify or change your flight:

Ryanair: changing the name if the ticket is purchased through a reservation center or at the airport, cost up to 150 euros, if purchased from company website up to 100 euros,

In Iberia if the error is significant (one letter change may become a surname in some cases) one ‘Fernandez’ could become a ‘Hernandez’. This correction can cost up to 30 euros.

Spanair, if you have a business ticket there is no additional cost. Otherwise, the change is not allowed.

Air Europa for domestic flights, up to three letters correction is free. In international travel, it is necessary to issue a new ticket.

Vueling apply a surcharge of 39 euros for data exchange in the reserve and 50 euros for the change of ownership.

Easyjet, a change of a letter costs 35 euros.

Note, I say from experience that some last names with the letter Ñ can not be processed by the booking systems and are exchanged for an N, also if the names are too long the system will join them … in such cases there is no major problem.

* Prices are approximate data and may change as per companyand year.


Another issue is when you can not fly as scheduled and need to change the date of the flight. This is a big issue for airlines and in worst cases you may need to book a new ticket.

Almost all charge for a handling fee involved to change the time and day of flight, som of them will allow you to book a flexible ticket…the cheap flight ticket will allow no changes and will need to be rebooked.

Iberia fare charged a penalty of 50 euros, for journeys within Spain; 65 euros in trips to Europe, and 135 euros on intercontinental.

Spanair charges an amount that is between 50 and 150 euros, also depending on the destination of the flight.

Air Europa, charges 40 euros if the ticket was purchased at the offices of the company, whether it was through an agency the price can reach 130 euros. Also depending on the destination.

Turkish Airlines does offer a flexible ticket (more expensive) at the time of the booking, if you have the cheap ticket no changes are allowed and you will have to rebook again and pay full.

These penalties you must add a handling fee which is around 15 euros.

It worts the time to recheck carefully your flight planes before proceeding to the booking online and regret later.

In some cases you can hire flexible tariffs and other perhaps better insurance cancellation of the flight. But always check the documentation provided at the airline website as each of them can have a different policy on flight tickets.

We recommend to recheck twice your holiday plans before booking a cheap flight, any change will be problematic in the future.

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