What habits annoy us on flights?

As you know: there are polls for almost everything, even for specific topics such as knowing what things are bothering passengers the most when traveling by air. This travel poll made by the company FCM Travel Solutions, found that the reasons that most bothered the participants were:

  1. Fights for controlling the armrest between seats.
  2. Who rose from their seats before the indicator lights turn off.
  3. Those who read books or newspapers over our shoulder.

Apparently, many chose not to mention other nuisance issues. For example, those who insist on holding conversations with people who do not want to talk to anyone or want more sleep, those who take up much space in the share allocated to luggage, making us unable to store our stuff.

I had a few experiences on this:

  • I had a big headache, and the girl beside me was talking for 1 hour without stop to me, finally I had to tell her about my headache and that I wanted some sleep.
  • Young people hitting our seat from the back, is not that enough irritating?

Can you think of any other annoying issue in the interaction with the passengers on the plane? You can leave your comments below.

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