A trip across Li River in China

Li river China

A trip across Li River in China

Recognized worldwide as the “magic region”of China due the inspiration from painters and artists of all kinds worldwide, the Li River offers an exotic trip to the best natural landscapes in China.

Guangxi province has the most beautiful mountains and rivers of the country, and have served as inspiration to artists for more than thirteen centuries. Small towns in the margins of the forests between mountains, the stillness of the water, all create a framework for Magic.

Some of the magical valleys we may cross while sailing the waters of the Li River include names as as mysterious as Bat Hill, Brush Valley or the Five Tigers who hunt a goat.

Our trip along the river includes the town of Yangshuo, where most of the tourist boats that travel the waters of the Li usually end.

With a small number of small houses, Yangshuo features green plains and bicycle rides that allow us to venture into the more rural and natural extension of China with unforgettable valleys.

The Li River trip takes 81 kilometers between the towns of Guilin and Yangshuo, and it is an excellent example of rural tourism and adventure in China, a trip you should not miss when getting to China for holidays.

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