The India Gate in New Delhi

India Gate in New DelhiThe India Gate in New Delhi is one of the most representative monuments of this chaotic city. This huge Indian triumphal arch is located on the eastern edge of the famous boulevard Rajpath.

If you take a taxi or a rental car in India you’ll end up watching this giant gate built with red sandstone and originally intended to pay tribute to the British and Indian soldiers who died during the First World War.

But as India has experienced many conflicts that followed, various Indian governments have decided that the India Gate also serves to honor those killed in the North-West Frontier Province, in the third Afghan war, and soldiers who lost their lives in Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.

However, wars and conflicts aside, this colossal monument symbolizes the Hindu unity and patriotism, as well you can see in their surroundings.

The environment around the India Gate in New Delhi is great, because there is a small park where the people of this chaotic capital trying to disconnect from their daily problems and where they gather to play chess or other traditional Indian games. Worth walking around and soak up the atmosphere.

If you get to India, do not forget to take some pictures to this amazing and beautiful gate.

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