Curiosities and facts about Japan

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, there live more than 30 million people in a very short space. Japan’s culture and friendliness of the Japanese people make of this country a very desirable tourist destination for many Westerners when planning their next vacation.

Let’s review some of the curiosities and facts about Japan.

-The Shibuya crossroads is busy, every day 5 million pedestrians approximately make it the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world.

-The restaurants display their food dishes in their windows, but these dishes are not real but reproductions made of wax!

-Tokio’s “cat cafe” are becoming more popular every day! That is a bar with sofas and cats playing with the customers.

-By living so many people in a confined space, there is a type of hotels called capsule hotels, which are like tiny living rooms.

-The Japanese are extremely helpful and polite people, for example, if a restaurant does not serve them they will never complain but simply stop going there.

-In the Tsukiji fish market, is made daily at 5.30 am a tuna auction to the highest bidder. By the way, they sell live fish as buyers need maximum freshness for sushi, so those fishes are killed in the last minute.

-The people of Tokyo wear masks when they are sick to avoid spreading the illness to the rest of the people they meet every day.

-They are great lovers of dogs, so much so that they often carry them using baby carts. There are also dogs rentals business, as the Japanese like to have dogs and, of course, to enjoy their company.

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