Urban exploration in Japan – Haikyo

haiko in JapanJapan is the cutting edge of many of the behaviors of modern societies. The country of the rising sun bring us trends and fashion between other things and this also happen when talking about tourism. In Japan there is a new trend: urban exploration and visiting old buildings, hospitals or even abandoned theme parks.

This new trend is known as Haikyo (“ruin” in Japanese) it consists basically in exploring abandoned places, from family houses to factories or hotels…who have never done this? I remember myself when I was younger visiting an abandoned hospital in my city and also a crypt inside an abandoned cathedral and I remember it was funny! (but dangerous!)

The large number of abandoned buildings left by corporate failures two decades ago “certainly has something to do” with the popularization of this phenomenon in the Asian country.

Hospitals, factories, museums …

In Japan there is a large number of abandoned places you can visit, but I guess also in your city or next to your location. However it is important to take a few considerations before following the Japanese trend.

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Caution and common sense

Take precautions in your wearing…it is not a good idea exploring with sandals and shorts!

Therefore you are advised to use common sense when exploring ruins, and I recommend to tell friends and/or family that you are going to visit any of those places.

Avoid walking on not solid structures and never walk alone…it is better exploring in company of someone.

Further reading

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