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Avis Reviews

Avis at the airport arrivals

Avis is a very popular car rental company worldwide. Most of the tourist like to know about the company they will hire the car and also know of other customers.

Avis is present at most popular airports and cities worldwide. We will find below Avis reviews from real customers, not my own reviews, as well as complaints. I will try to keep this post useful and updated with some useful information about Avis.

Find below some Avis reviews from real customers.

Avis Review for car hire in Barcelona

Avis is the company that some friends used when they came to Barcelona, they were loking to spend a few days watching the beaches in Barcelona, taking walks by different people, and because using a taxi was a little more expensive, they decided to rent a car in Barcelona.

For their transport they booked a car hire at Barcelona airport, once they arrived Avis asked some personal information for filling the form and after returning the vehicle with full tank of fuel as they picked up, there were no problems.

The process was very easy and fast, in a few minutes we were heading to our car…the cars we saw were very new and ours had just a few miles according to my friends.

The return of the car was also very fast. If I had to resume the review of Avis, I would say it was a great experience.

Avis review for car hire in Ibiza

The truth is that when we came to Ibiza Airport we were somewhat lost, but fortunately, we found Avis desktop at the airport arrivals. We booked a few weeks before a car rental in Ibiza, and was worried about the situation of being a last minute car rental.

There while I talked with my mother by phone I noticed they were talking about my online reservation, and one of the girls were moving the head negatively, I was getting nervous my moments, something was going wrong I though.

I went over to ask what was going on and a guy told me that there was no Renault Clio available. I figured there all the problems of not having the vehicle I hired ….

But suddenly a very kindly woman gave me the keys of a vehicle, it was a higher category one, and she told me I had not to pay a penny for it.

I got an Astra instead of the Clio, what a great notice! We had an Astra for the whole weekend for just 100 Euro!

What I liked from Avis is that I did not have to wait long queues to pickup the car. Once I got the keys I just had to move less than 100 meters to another building where my vehicle was parked. You get a card with the number where you will find the car.

When returning the car it is just the same, had to leave the car at the same area assigned to me at first, got to the delivery office which is on the same floor as the car, and once they checked possible vehicle damages and the fuel level they returned my deposit…all in less than 10 minutes.

The guys from Avis were very friendly, asked me about my experience in Ibiza and where did I stay, which places I visit, our city of residence and wished us a nice journey back.

Definitely a great experience with Avis in Ibiza.

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