Looking for a cheap car hire in Spain

Hertz car hire

When looking to hire a car, we will find different rental rates for the same car, up to 240 euros difference between different rental companies, according to a study by holidaysresources.com, using the highest prices and lowest in 5 popular holiday destinations in Spain as example:

In the range of smaller rental cars, the difference was up to 50 euros, while in the economic category it rises to 57 euros.

However, the difference is highest in luxury cars, we can find a difference up to 580 euros depending on which company we use to rent a luxury car.

The responsable person for holidaysresources.com, recommends to compare car rental prices and not to hire with the first company we see if our intention is to get a competitive rate.

Holidaysresources.com website compare hundreds of car rental companies online in just seconds with a single click. Those looking to hire a car should check our cheap quotes and benefit from our experience working only with the best and most trusted companies.

Online car rental comparison tool:

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