Long car hire trips: Driving with children tips

A long car trip can be waaaaay longer if we go with babies and children passengers. I would say that almost every parent remember with horror some really long trips with their children. Let´s see how to make our trip less painful for both of us, continue reading to know more…

driving with children

DVDs and magazines are some of the best entertainment ways

Children use to get tired of being so long restrained in their safety seats. It’s understandable.

Some time ago children used to move on the rear seats from one side to another, watching the landscape, lying on the seat and so on…but time has changed and now they must be secured on their seat. How can we do for making it less painful for both of us?

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Driving tips with children

It´s a good idea to leave home just after lunch, to take a nap or after dinner. The purr of the car helps them sleep and for us is easier to drive relaxed.

I also recommend to prepare stories, paintings and some white paper for them to paint. Toys are a good idea and some unhealty but attractive food like chips or sweets will keep them busy.

If you hire a family car  is very usual they have DVD on the back for the children where they can waych tv series or pictures; however you can always take the laptop or a IPad with you so they can entertaint theirselves.

Another good habit is to stop the vehicle very often. Remember that children get tired much before you, making some stops to drink something is a good idea.

What are your best tips when driving with children?

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  1. Hua Hin says:

    From my experience, Ipad will keep children busy and fun during long travel.

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