Alcohol fountain being built in Georgia, Europe

Georgia, the country in Europe (not the American state), is a very unusual holiday destination. But for those who have traveled half the world can be a place to visit. This is a different place, with very affordable prices and surprising findings.

As example a fountain from where will flow ‘chacha‘, the national liquor of Georgia. The city council of Batumi is building the fountain as a new tourist attraction in this city.

The fountain will be operational in the month of September in order to promote Georgian alcoholic drinks to the Batumi and tourists visiting the region.

The ‘chacha‘ is a liquor that is distilled in Georgia and the breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia from grapes or other fruit, similar to Italian grappa with an high level of alcohol.


More than three million foreign tourists visited Georgia last year, a number that country’s authorities want to raise up to four million this year.

Georgia holidays

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