Amsterdam, curiosities and facts from the Netherlands

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Amsterdam catch our attention in many different ways; First, the number of bikes out there. When you get to amsterdam you are ready to see many bikes as it is common to hear from friends who have been there before about the number of bikes, but you can not imagine the reality. There are parking lots with thousands and millions of bicycles, and on the streets it is sometimes more difficult to find parking for your bike than for any other vehicle. While it is not the most appropriate option to hire a car if you visit Amsterdam, it will be very useful if you plan to do a tour in the Netherlands, since transport is not cheap, you can find car hire Amsterdam from here at a cheap price.

But we can find more curiosities about Amsterdam, like the architecture of the houses. In fact, it seems that houses arquitecture is wrong, totally asymmetric, tall, narrow, with a slight forward lean. In addition, all houses have at its highest point a pulley out of the facade facing the street. As well, this has a very simple explanation,  you will know it if you continue reading!

The houses are tall and narrow because the price of land in Amsterdam has been always very expensive, and of course, being tall and narrow houses, their ladders are also, being difficult to fit two people using one. Stairs have to be used by one person at a time! Now here is the explanation of the pulley above the houses, used to raise and lower the furniture out the windows. And they tilt forward, for not hitting the walls or the windows of the downstairs neighbors during the move.

Another curiosity of Amsterdam, is that the characteristic color of the country is orange. We see it in football teams, in souvenirs, on flags … Why, if the flag of Amsterdam is red with three crossings? Easy friend, this is due to the name of the Royal Family. They are the Orange….did you know this?

It is also curious that the Dutch flag, red with three black crosses. There are several versions of what they symbolize with the three crosses. The three crosses may symbolize since ancient times, the three greatest fears of the population of Amsterdam. Floods (being surrounded by water and have many channels), fire (Currently the materials have changed but in the past all the houses were wood) and fever, a disease that killed back in 1663, an average of 200 people a week.

If you want to discover more interesting facts about Amsterdam, you shall have no choice but to go and experience Amsterdam yourself or check more of our travel guides about Netherlands and Amsterdam.

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