Four days in the Canary Islands

We will bring the Canary Islands to this travel blog and find a paradise destination that has little to envy to foreign shores. With a warm and constant (20.8 º C mean annual temperature in Santa Cruz de Tenerife) and with little rain (although the climate varies depending on the islands, the weather conditions are similar the whole year), the seven islands that make up the Canary Islands have earned the nickname “Fortunate Islands” , its said the nickname was given years before the birth of Christ by Pliny the Elder.

Four days is enough to know each of the islands, you just may need to search for a cheap flight to Tenerife. Note that these destinations are mainly to relax on any of its many first class beaches. Canary Islands are islands where distances are short so the time spent on transport is low (we recommend car hire Gran Canaria to facilitate our mobility). We will focus on two of the main tourist attractions: Lanzarote and Tenerife.

Lanzarote is the northernmost and eastern island of the islands. Of volcanic origin (in the eighteenth century the first eruptions that shape the island were recorded), the most striking is the landscape that seems the moon in some locations. Lanzarote nature is integrated with buildings by combining the infrastructure built by the people, especially by the artist Cesar Manrique. The result of this symbiosis made one of the essential points of Lanzarote, Jameos in the north of the island.

Lanzarote in Canary Islands

Lanzarote in Canary Islands

On our way to Timanfaya National Park we can make two more stops to appreciate the works of Manrique, the Cactus Garden and the Monumento al Campesino. But most important of Lanzarote, in addition to its beaches, are the Mountains of Fire (Timanfaya). A lunar landscape where we can have experiences such as riding a camel or eat at the restaurant in the park where they use the heat from the volcano for grilling.

Tenerife is one of the top tourist destinations in the Canary Islands. We are on the island that houses the highest peak in Spain, at 3,718 meters and it is also the largest Island. Tenerife is not only the volcano but has many historical sites and small towns across the island which worth visiting. Arona in the south and the Orotava in the north are a few examples, but not the unique.

Tenerife Teide

Teide in Tenerife (by wikipedia)

In the north of Tenerife there are the two main towns on the island. The Laguna is the campus, but also an important commercial center. Its historic center has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Less than ten miles away is the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. There you can look at the Church of the Conception of the sixteenth century and the modern audience of Santiago Calatrava.

The main visit the island is the ascent of Mount Teide. When going up the narrow roads looks like loosing contact with the ground, taking off above the clouds. The vegetation decreases as you gain altitude until you reach the volcanic area where there is only rock. It must be said that to reach the snowy summit requires a cable car (or walk a demanding layout that requires more than six hours of walking). On the descent towards the south of the island, where we can find the best beaches and the best temperature is, we can pause to appreciate the Giants cliff.

The Canary Islands offer a unique beauty landscape and optimal conditions for enjoying the resting days. During four days you can see each of the islands, it is advisable to take it easy for visitors to enjoy its beaches and its breathtaking nature of volcanic origin.

Laguna in 1880

Laguna in 1880

Useful Information about Canary Islands:

  • Main cities in Lanzarote: Arrecife, Playa del Carmen.
  • Main cities in Tenerife: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, San Cristobal de la Laguna, Arona
  • Getting there: by plane. Tenerife has two airports (north and south), Lanzarote with a (near Arrecife)
  • Other islands: Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Gomera, La Palma, Hierro
  • Hotels in Gran Canaria
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