From Venice to Croatia by car, a Europe tour guide

Venice to CroatiaTo prepare for the trip take a cheap flight to Venice, which is much cheaper than flying with other companies to any city in Croatia including Dubrovnik and Split, at least at the time we checked.

Europe tour guide

Once in Venice you can pickup the car you hired from us at the airport (car hire Venice) to leave from there. You should ensure in advance that you can make cross-border at the car rental desk or from our rate details. From Venice airport to the border with Croatia is only 1:30 to 2:00 hours via Trieste approximately. Another option if you drive a rental car is using the ferry from Venice to Pula (75 euros)

In our trip we will be 2 weeks touring the coast by car with 4 days we would leave to rest in one of the islands in Croatia, particularly in Hvar. A visit to Dubrovnik is a must. For the return we can take a ferry that would take us from Hvar to Rijeka, spending the night on the ferry and saving many miles back. You have all the ferries in Jadronilija website, the Croatian ferry company.

The big question everyone make is whether to book a place to sleep in advance or not. We can do it both ways, we can get some hotels with reservations (We offer Croatia hotels as well as apartments) and we can also look for accommodation in place. It is true that in high season it is more difficult to find a place to sleep, but the truth is you can always find something in private homes. These houses are easily seen with signs posted  (Zimmer, Sobes, Rooms) … The average price of these rooms is 30 euros for a double room.
Venice to Croatia itinerary
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  1. Venice
  2. Rovinj
  3. Opatija
  4. Rijeka
  5. Crikvenika
  6. Plitvice
  7. Zadar
  8. Sibenik
  9. Skradin
  10. Trogir
  11. Split
  12. Brela
  13. Makarska
  14. Drvenik
  15. Hvar
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