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London 2012

London 2012

London Olympic Games for 2012 yesterday broke its first record, tickets will be the most expensive in history, with prices ranging between 50 and 725 pounds in the finals of the most popular sports (between 57 and 832 euros) and up to 2,012 pounds (2311 euros) in the best seats for the opening ceremony, for which half of the tickets will go directly to the sponsors or the national Olympic committees.

The tickets went on sale yesterday on the internet. Regardless of the nationality, residing in the European Union countries, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland can reserve them now through the website of the organizers ( From other countries, have to book through their respective national Olympic committees or an authorized retailer for that country. at London 2012 website you can find the list of countries outside the EU who have already put the tickets on sale.

Those who want to visit the Games in London, have six weeks from yesterday to book your tickets. But do not worry, even reserving the tickets today or in 3 weeks you have the same chances of not being able to get to the London Olympic Games, as if more reservations than tickets are done, there will be a lottery.

London Olympic Games ticket reservation

The ticket booking system is quite simple if you are used to make credit card purchases on the Internet. The first thing to know is that can only be through a Visa card.

To make bookings go to the website, register an account (name, address and password) and go to the right to choose which events are you interested in. Can be listed by sports, dates or scenarios. Once determined sports and session (such day in the morning, afternoon or evening, depending on which competition has: heats, semifinals, finals, etc.), you have to choose the category of tickets requested. That is, the price.

The cheapest ticket for the Olympic Games costs 20 pounds (23 euros) and organizers say there are 2.5 million tickets at that price or less (for children and elderly in selected sessions, not all), or more than a quarter part of the 8.8 million tickets for all games.

But tickets for the finals of the most popular Olympic sports cost more. Athletics is the case (50 pounds the cheapest and 450 or 725 the most expensive, depending on finals), Gymnastics (between 50 and 450 pounds), Swimming (50-450), Basketball (95-425), Boxing ( 95-395) and Tennis (65-225). Prices for the opening ceremony on 27 July are 20.12 pounds, 150, 995, 1,600 and 2012 pounds. The declausura, Aug. 12, costs 20.12 pounds, 150, 655, 995 and 1,500 pounds.

London 2012 tickets

There are limits to the number of tickets available, which vary according to the interest of each sport and each session. But you can submit several requests if you want to have a better chance to get tickets. That, however, can be very risky because once assigned the tickets are not refundable. Those tickets not sold will go on sale before or during the Games.

You can change your booking within six weeks, ending at midnight on 26 to 27 April. In any case the payment is done only when there is confirmation that the tickets have been allocated. Each includes an individual card for free travel around London on the day of the session purchased. But until June 24 nobody know who has got tickets …

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