Menorca, a holiday paradise in Spain

Between the islands and coastal areas close to Europe, Menorca is a highly recommended small paradise. Next to Mallorca, which is more urbanized, Menorca has a different essence with more natural beaches and less tourism.

MenorcaThere are several recommendations that may be of interest to you. For beginers, Menorca car hire is a must for moving within the Island. There are several places to choose where picking the vehicle, the prices are very cheap for the economic models, there are no highways or freeways in Menorca.

Regarding accommodation in Menorca, the options are many and varied, despite the small size of the island. First you have to choose if you prefer to stay in one of the two main towns, Mahon and Ciutadella, or another small town like Sant Lluís, Binibequer, Fornells …

My advice, if you really want a different experience, a small town during July or September. Binibequer is an interesting place. In the 70’s and 80’s it was a traditional destination for so-called hippies who vacationed in the area.

And once you have booked your hotel in Menorca, you only have to drive through the island and discover its secrets. In half an hour’s drive you can get through the whole island, so don´t feel like in a hurry, take your time to explore and visiting the different places.

Clear waters beaches in Menorca, high rocks, the occasional boat stopped and nudist swimmers are common in the beaches of Menorca. Among the rocks you will find the caves inhabited by hippies decades ago where they used to spend the summer.

Bring your swimsuit and feel in complete freedom. You will be in your little paradise, you will be in Menorca.

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