Spain holidays and facts

Millions of tourists decide getting to Spain on holiday every year, so there must be great and funny attractions that make all those visitors come year after year. In fact, there is no single reason for not getting to Spain, rather there are many for coming, and all of those reasons make of a holiday in Spain perfect for families, single travelers or couples.

Spain has a great climate, great culture and great food. In the 60’s was when people started coming to this country looking for clean and quality beaches. Also, if you can visit the cities close to the coast, there is a rich cultural heritage with great architecture to look at and enjoy, not only beaches.

Madrid is a famous place; in Madrid, there is a variety of castles and museums, but not only in Madrid, we can find culture in the whole country like in San Cristobal de la Laguna, Segovia, Ibiza, Barcelona and many more places. Spain will bring your holidays a contrast between architecture, culture and modernity.

Barcelona is a special holiday destination for the tourists since the Olympics celebrated in the city. There are important monuments, architecture and art galleries. Barcelona is a city that will captivate your senses and make you feel like coming again the next year.

Malaga and Alicante are popular destinations in summer, we will find quality beaches, naturism beaches too (I know many of you are looking for those!), ancient architecture, culture and a vibrant nightlife to enjoy.

Alicante beaches are the favourite from many tourists

Segovia is a city we can visit during the whole year, and is very popular between Japanese tourists…wonder why? Culture, Japanese tourists love culture, and in Segovia anyone who like it will not get bored.

Have you ever been to Spain?

Do not forget to come back soon, we will add more interesting details about Spain, like the great food we can find (paella, fried fish…), special Spanish drinks, its vibrant nightlife…there are hundreds of lines we can write about Spain, so check back soon!

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