5 months summer in Malaga, a long term holiday in Spain

Yes, it is true that the months of May, September or October have nothing to do with the months of June, July and August, when the sun hits the beaches right from early morning until late afternoon.

While it is true that autumn is just around the corner, here we still do not have to keep the summer clothes in the closet. And on a beautiful day like today, with blue sky and warm sun, we can enjoy beautiful days on the beach.

What happens during these two months to come is that the number of bathers who flock to the beaches decays exponentially and is a joy to go to the almost deserted beaches at this time of the year.

No is no trouble with finding a parking space or having to face the frequent traffic jams and it is a pleasure to put the towel where you please, extending it without encroaching on adjoining neighbors, shake your towel without the sand falling directly in the face of the neighbor who in turn gives you a dirty look. Nothing of that, October is heaven at the Costa del Sol!

It is also a joy to lie on the towel, sunbathing and quietly enjoy the sound of the waves of the mediterranean sea, without being interrupted by the roar of the individuals that roam the coast, while you read the press release of today or a novel.

Very few people dare to swim at this time, but as one dives into the lonely waters of the sea, other brave swimmers dare to imitate and keep us company having a refreshing dip. The sea still continues to have a good temperature for a while which is perfect when accompanied by sun and pleasant temperatures.

It is interesting to see people strolling along the beach and wearing their winter clothes, long-sleeved shirts, sweater on waist and long pants, meanwhile others are laying in the sand, covered only with their swimsuit and enjoying the wonderful day at the beach. You might see envy in some faces, because they already stored their beachwear until next summer.

It is also a pleasure to stroll along the sea shore without having to dodge people who also walk… Yes, it is true that in these days comes another type people to the beach, either with flying kites, running along the beach or sometimes even with horses…

Looking outside the window, the sun is sparkling, I’m going to prepare and go to the beach … Does anyone come?

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