Caves of Nerja in Malaga, Spain

nerja caves paintings

Probably the most ancient paintings in the world.

Located on the Mediterranean coast,  in the province of Malaga at the southern of Spain, we can find the Nerja Caves, a valuable heritage place visited by thousands of tourists every year. It is located one kilometer far from the village of Maro in Nerja town (Malaga) and has a length of 4,283 meters. This location is one of the most important archaeological sites of the prehistoric times.

History of discovery

This cave of Nerja, is found by the begining of January 12, 1959 by a group of explorers.

Initially known as the Cave of Wonders, in just two years it was declared a Historic Artistic Monument since 1961. Today is one of the most precious natural monuments of Andalucia.

Distribution of the galleries

The cave is divided into three main areas: the tourist galleries or low, the upper galleries and the new galleries, which are the latest discovery.

The caves receive over half a million visitors a year, tourist can visit the first gallery without restrictions.

Columns and cast

Part of the importance of the cave is that represents most known types of formations. Its imposing rooms are full of stalactites.

The cave also serves for social purposes, Ballet and Dance Music Festivals in the town are celebrated every year in the Nerja Caves.

Art and rock debris

But the cave itself combines natural beauty with the paintings. The first chamber, the Lobby is an archaeological place with human remains and tools found in the cave. Specifically there are over twenty prehistoric paintings. In the room you can admire the Torca anthropomorphic paintings, while in the Hall of ghosts you will be able to see symbolic representations and animals.

There are many more misteries to discover in the Nerja Caves, without any doubt this place in Malaga worth a visit.

Balcon de Europa in Nerja

How to get to the Nerja Caves?

If you get to Malaga through Malaga airport, our recommendation is to check prices for car hire in Malaga. We can also check for hotels in Nerja, a very beautiful place to stay during our holiday.

Driving from Malaga to Nerja is easy and fast, we can also use the public bus to Nerja.

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