Charming medieval Spanish cities

Holidays in Spain is a continuous trip with vestiges of the Middle Ages, possibly the most enigmatic and compelling time in our history. Some are castles, dark Romanesque churches, mysterious Gothic cathedrals and the numerous medieval legends that still remain alive in Spain.

Avila city wall

With a car hire in Avila we can discover the most hidden secrets of the surrounding cities.

There are cities with their old towns in perfect conditions and visited on weekends and holidays by thousands and thousands of tourists.

All this wealth of architecture, painting and sculpture made of Spain the second country in the world behind Italy with more sites declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

In the Middle Ages, almost the entire peninsula was a frontier-with the Arabs in the south, but also between different kingdoms.

The enormous power of the Church at that time and the need to Christianize the conquered lands left many churches and cathedrals to visit in Spain.

Some of the most recommended places to visit in Spain to experience the middle age are Toledo and Avila. Toledo is famous because of its armors and swords while Avila is because of the big wall rounding the old city.

We recommend to check prices for hotels in Toledo or in Avila, and explore with your rental car relaxed and with enough days for getting the most from your visit.


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