Diving in Ibiza: Underwater holidays in Balearic Islands

Ibiza divingThe island of Ibiza in the Balearic Islands is a beautiful place to visit during our holidays with amazing landscapes on the surface of the island and under it. The Mediterranean surrounds Ibiza and gives the island one of the most beautiful treasures: A prairie of Poseidonia. Each week, free submarine visits take you to this marvelous and submerged landscapes of Ibiza.

The visit begin as an interactive workshop with a demonstration by a model in which one can see how a beach in Ibiza can lose its sand and clear waters if Posidonia disappear. The workshops have more activities designed for the little family members always striving to make contact and knowledge with a large ecosystem of plant and animal biodiversity as the present in the island of Ibiza.

Posidonia prairie are of Natural Heritage of Humanity. These marine prairies play a vital role by absorbing CO2 from the marine environment.

Later in the visit, the participants in canoes explore the coast and go diving underwater to see those beautiful marine praeries in Ibiza. An opportunity for those who want to take pictures underwater.

The group for those workshops is limited to 20 participants so it is essential to book in advance by calling 971399232.

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