Top 5 destinations in Spain to visit

Spain mapSpain is a country where there are many things to do and places to visit, the gastronomy of some cities already justifies a visit to many of the destinations. It is possible that the reader may want to add their favorite cities or in some cases disagree with our list…which I really doubt, and I say I would doubt it, because every city and town of the peninsula worth the visit, no matter in which order

Continue reading to discover our favorite Spanish destinations and to start planning your visit. We will welcome your suggerences!

Top 5 destinations – Which one is your favorite?

1 – Malaga: Malaga city offer us a world of possibilities, monuments and gastronomy, making it worthy of this top position. From the fried fish, to the cathedral, not to mention the sandy beaches from the Costa del Sol.
The possibilities are immense in Malaga, among them we can highlight its proximity to places of interest such as Granada and the Alhambra, Cordoba and its Mosque,  Tarifa and its beautiful white sandy beaches … and I can continue. Do not doubt in visiting this city if you want a good place to go on vacation, if you come to Malaga you will not regret.

2 – Alicante and Murcia: Who writes this blog likes the warm-water beaches, and in Murcia you will find the best beaches of the peninsule. Including some hidden beaches where you can practice nudism if you want because there are no people … I do not do practice it, but if there is no one … nudism is the way to go. (Visit our post about top naturist beaches in Spain if you practice nudism)
We also emphasize its proximity to the south, just 4 hours drive from Malaga … which again gives us endless possibilities.

3 – Barcelona: From Barcelona we can highlight all its modernity, its beaches, nightlife … every person who visit Barcelona, want to come back again.

4 – Madrid: As I said above, I declare myself a lover of the sea … the feeling of freedom that the ocean causes, however we can find many interior cities and towns that seem taken from a story in Spain, and to visit many of them, Madrid is the ideal place as starting point because it is situated as you all know in the heart of Spain.

5 – The Islands: Mallorca, Menorca (Balearic Islands) and the Canary Islands are an ideal place to enjoy beaches, good weather (the whole year in the Canary Islands) and a good rest … those tourists who visit Spain often, should visit the Islands at least once.
I have not forgotten Ibiza, and anyone who enjoy to party, inflated prices and dance until dawn, will probably think it is the place to spend their holiday, their top one, but that is not me.

To know more about Spain, you can always check our website or watch the video below:


Do you agree or missed your favorite destination?, feel like visiting the country? If so share your feeling with everyone and do not keep it for yourself!

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2 Responses to Top 5 destinations in Spain to visit

  1. alexa says:

    If I were to vote for one of them, I would pick Malaga. Barcelona is a city worth seeing it but if you are from Istanbul – like me – you do not find anything very different in Barcelona. Of course people are different but architecture is very similar despite Turkey is being a Muslim country. What I liked most about Barcelona is that 24 hours a day there is subway, at least it used to be like that when I travelled to Barcelona a few years ago.

  2. villas in Ibiza says:

    Definitly all them are good destinations. Probably the best would be a mix between the cities like Madrid or Barcelona and a coast destination like the islands so you can enjoy the culture and the amazing beaches of Spain.

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