Touring Europe with Interrail

InterRailSummer months are approaching and I´m sure many of you are thinking about which  destinations you would like to visit during your holiday. Unfortunately, the crisis makes it not easy for us, but luckily there are economic alternatives such as Interrail, thanks to it we can cross Europe in a different and fun way.

Although most of us may have an idea of what this famous train ticket, I’ll give you some clues about its various forms, since in recent years the system of areas and countries has some variations that can create some confusion about how using the interrail.

The 30 countries that comprise the Interrail offer are Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Finland, Greece, Switzerland, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Turkey , Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Repuública, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Bosnia.

Who can travel with Interrail?

Any person born in any of the above countries as well as Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Belarus, Albania, Cyprus, Malta, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia Ukraine. Interrail pass will also benefit those who justify a residence for more than six months in the countries above. In either case, remember that you can not use the ticket in your country of origin.

What types of Interrail tickets are there?

Interrail Global Pass: Navigate through 30 countries in the offer, taking all the trains you want in a maximum of 15, 22 days or a month. It is the ideal option for those who do not like to take the planned route in advance and prefer to leave everything to chance.

Interrail Global Pass Flexible: Lets see all countries, but with certain limitations on the days you can travel. Thus, there are two modes: a pass that allows you to use trains 5 days to a maximum of 10 days, and another that allows you taking trains from 10 days to a maximum of 22 days.

One Country Pass: You can visit a single country within a maximum of one month, there are different options depending on the number of days ( 3, 4, 6 or 8 ) that you plan to take the trains.

How much is the Interrail ticket?

The price of each ticket varies depending on the selected countries, the number of days you want to travel and the class you travel (1 st or 2 nd). Also, under 26, children from 4 to 11 yearls old and those over 60 have special rates which are much cheaper.

Thus local passes are second class to visit a single country that does not cost more than 40 euros, while the global ticket for adults in first class for one month comes to 900 euros.

Where to buy the Interrail ticket?

You can apply for the ticket at the main railway stations, offices and even some travel agencies. It is also possible to buy the ticket through the official Interrail.

I hope that with these tips you chop the bug and feel encouraged to try thi different, fun and inexpensive way to tour Europe, which also offers the opportunity to meet many people from diverse nationalities. English, Dutch, Italian, Czech … journeys from city to city, as well as hostels, travelling by train with Interrail is for many of the people who use it a way for new friendships with people and for sharing some unforgettable moments.

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