Is British food that bad?

Gordon Ramsey

Chef Ramsay. (WIKIPEDIA/Dave Pullig)

Although the TV chefs Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver are British, although the the best restaurants in the world awarded by the Restaurant Awards magazine are from London, United Kingdom is not usually identified with good food.

When we think of British food we rather think of a high calorie diet, no variety, or things like fried chips or breakfast with eggs, sausage, bacon and beans.

British government is trying to provide a renewed vision of their gastronomy. Tourism promotion agency of the United Kingdom has launched the travel advertising campaign “Food is Great” to offer an improved view of the culinary “variety and quality” of this country.

In addition to the more typical tea, Scotch whiskey or beer, Food is Great tries to present other products such as sea salt from Anglesey, the North Wales lamb, Whitstable oysters, Scottish salmon or more than 700 varieties of cheese produced in the UK.

The campaign, whose ambassador is the popular British chef and television presenter Jamie Oliver seeks to boost the attraction of the nearly 30,000 restaurants in the UK and offer a renewed vision and variety of the cuisine of the United Kingdom.

Among the chefs invited to this event we can highlight the award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay, the Scottish also Andrew Fairlie, the Anglo-French Michel Roux Jr Marcus Wareing and English, all local chefs are awarded two stars in the prestigious Michelin travel guide.

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  1. Shalu Sharma says:

    Good question, I have been to Britain and most people love to eat food from other countries like India, China, Mexico etc. But British food is not that bad.

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