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Most typical flight booking errors and how to avoid them

cheap-flight-ticketsErrors in flight bookings and tickets are not free but expensive and problematic. Low cost companies use to be less permisive with errors, even more with cheap flight tickets. Continue reading

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Orly airport in Paris and virtual agents upon boarding

This summer Orly airport in Paris, has introduced a new system to announce some flights gates. Apparently, this system consists of a figure projection onto a transparent plastic and also includes voice. So far this is just an experiment that the airport is doing. Continue reading

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European airlines Flights to New York cancelled due Irene Hurricane

Although the closure of New York airports will affect both international and national flights to New York, it will not prevent the departure of flights, at least until further notice.

Irene hurricane

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Low cost flights reviews: Ryanair and Social Media

Actually is normal to read about the policies companies should take social media. Most of the tips assume a point: that to the questions and complaints from users, companies must provide an answer. When you take a long time to answer a complaint, companies are considered not to be doing a good job, especially when the person who complains is a “relevance user”, who can have many followers in social networks.


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Aerophobia: Afraid of flying?

The aerophobia, better known as fear of flying is an irrational fear that can ruin the holidays for those who suffer. Is this your case? Do you avoid going on holiday if you have to catch a plane? Is your afraid feeling to fly stronger than your passion for travel?

Perhaps if you can coldly analyze your aerophobia you may overcome it. Keep in mind that the… Continue reading

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Iberia flights from Barcelona to Miami

Iberia flightsIberia airline has reported new flights deals that will fly from Barcelona to Miami (Florida, USA), at a price of 389 euros return ticket. These new flights from Barcelona to Miami will begin operating on 29 March 2011 with three frequencies per week in each direction, every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

These new flights from Iberia… Continue reading

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What to do if your flight trip to Japan has been canceled?

What to do if your flight to Japan has been canceled?, in which cases can you get the amount of the ticket? Continue reading to know more about what can you do if your flight to Japan has been canceled. Continue reading

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What habits annoy us on flights?

Source: Freebase

As you know: there are polls for almost everything, even for specific topics such as knowing what things are bothering passengers the most when traveling by air. This travel poll made by the company FCM Travel Solutions, found that the reasons that most bothered the participants. Continue reading

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Airports and prohibited items

In large airports, it is quite usual to find in the review area for the hand luggage, a huge box full of objects. These are elements that do not meet the standards of flight safety. Some of them are quite common: pliers, knives, bottles of liquid over 100ml, among others. But sometimes you can find particular things. In  a case I readed from a blogger, he saw from huge arches with their respective arrows to sticks,  in my case I was unable to check the box, but of course, the presence of that box has a clear message, if something does not meet the rules, it is confiscated, and that is visible to everyone. Continue reading

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