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Urban exploration in Japan – Haikyo

haiko in JapanJapan is the cutting edge of many of the behaviors of modern societies. The country of the rising sun bring us trends and fashion between other things and this also happen when talking about tourism. In Japan there is a new trend: urban exploration and visiting old buildings, hospitals or even abandoned theme parks.

This new trend is known as Haikyo (“ruin” in Japanese) it consists basically in exploring abandoned places, from family houses to factories or hotels…who have never done this? I remember myself when I was younger visiting an abandoned hospital in my city and also a crypt inside an abandoned cathedral and I remember it was funny! (but dangerous!) Continue reading

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Curiosities and facts about Japan

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, there live more than 30 million people in a very short space. Japan’s culture and friendliness of the Japanese people make of this country a very desirable tourist destination for many Westerners when planning their next vacation.

Let’s review some of the curiosities and facts about Japan. Continue reading | 1 Comment

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What to do if your flight trip to Japan has been canceled?

What to do if your flight to Japan has been canceled?, in which cases can you get the amount of the ticket? Continue reading to know more about what can you do if your flight to Japan has been canceled. Continue reading

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