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Best nudist beaches in Spain

nudist beaches

With one of the more tolerant and permissive laws in the world related to nudism, Spain has become one of the major destinations for lovers of nudist beaches, naked sunbathing and swimming without swimwear in the sea. Continue reading | 1 Comment

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Most desired destinations for European tourists

summer holiday destinationsThe most prominent holiday destination is Ibiza, which occupies the first position in the Swedish ranking with an increase of 543%, the fourth in the UK and in Portugal ranking with a increase of 370% and 384% respectively. White Island also figure in the lists of Norway, Germany and Ireland. The biggest increase is… Continue reading | 2 Comments

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Diving in Ibiza: Underwater holidays in Balearic Islands

Ibiza divingThe island of Ibiza in the Balearic Islands is so beautiful on the surface as under it. The Mediterranean surrounds it and gives the island one of the most beautiful treasures: A prairie of Poseidonia. Each week, free submarine visits take you to this marvelous and submerged landscapes of Ibiza. Continue reading

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Menorca, a holiday paradise in Spain

Between the islands and coastal areas close to Europe, Menorca is a highly recommended small paradise. Next to Mallorca, which is more urbanized, Menorca has a different essence with more natural beaches and less tourism.


There are several recommendations that may be of interest to you. For beginers, Menorca car hire is a must for moving within the Island. There are several places to choose where picking the vehicle, the prices are very cheap for the economic models, there are no highways or freeways in Menorca. Continue reading | 1 Comment

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Hotel Arts in Barcelona

Hotel Arts Barcelona poolFor those who live in Barcelona, ​​Hotel Arts marks a before and after in the city, as did the 1992 Olympics. It is very nearly a symbol, and although there have been 5-star hotels and luxury hotels in Barcelona built later, this hotel is a classic, and it does not need advertising.

Located in the Olympic Port, the views you can have of the city and the sea as you go upstairs, through those big windows are impressive. Continue reading | 1 Comment

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Marbella in Malaga (Spain) will have a Cruise Port

Marbella, an established brand in the world and locally-recognized, deserves to have a port able to welcome cruise ships. This happens in other Mediterranean ports such as St. Tropez in France, for example.

The project chosen from a selection of proposals will be in the hands of a partnership between the city council and Sheikh of Qatar, Sheikh Abdullah Ben Nasser Al-Thani, who is also the owner of Malaga CF Continue reading

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Alternative Guide of Barcelona

Barcelona offers visitors a variety of leisure and fun. Apart from visiting the most important monuments of Barcelona like Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, Columbus, Olimpic Port, the Nou Camp … also offers visitors a variety of nightlife, either at local pubs, discos, pubs, etc..

But if you want to visit Barcelona out of the more typical tourist visit, you can get to the Natural Park of

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Jacuzzi hotels in Barcelona at an affordable price

Hotel Jacuzzi BarcelonaAre you going to visit Barcelona? Want a hotel where you can relax? This travel blog will help you find hotels with jacuzzi in Barcelona at an affordable price so you can enjoy privacy and not share a community pool.

If you want to enjoy a romantic evening with a private Jacuzzi… Continue reading

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Spain holidays and facts

Millions of tourists decide getting to Spain on holiday every year, so there must be great and funny attractions that make all those visitors come year after year. In fact, there is no single reason for not getting to Spain, rather there are many for coming, and all of those reasons make of a holiday in Spain perfect for families, single travelers or couples. Continue reading

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Iberia flights from Barcelona to Miami

Iberia flightsIberia airline has reported new flights deals that will fly from Barcelona to Miami (Florida, USA), at a price of 389 euros return ticket. These new flights from Barcelona to Miami will begin operating on 29 March 2011 with three frequencies per week in each direction, every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

These new flights from Iberia… Continue reading

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