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Coronado Beach, the best beach in the United States

The beach at Coronado Beach, in San Diego (California) has been chosen as the Best Beach in the United States ranking. This beach has been chosen attending to rigorous criteria as water quality, temperature, number of sunny days per year, wind speed and texture/color of the sand.

Coronado Beach California

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New York, 40.000 hotel rooms available to celebrate the New Year’s Eve

New York is a classic city to receive the new year. New York will have a total of 90,000 hotel rooms by the end of 2011, however if you are looking for it, we recommend to make your booking in advance for a New Year hotel in New York.

In Manhattan are being built currently 22 new hotels. This make of available hotel rooms in New York a new record, the city expects to increase the number of visitors (48.8 millions) respect the last year (2010)

New York

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Top things to do and to see in Hawaii

Hawaii means deep blue tropical lagoons, white sandy beaches, beautiful waterfalls, lush vegetation, high mountains, active volcanoes and snow (believe it or not!).

In Hawaii you will experience nature, picturesque village, life in the city and luxury shopping centers. The possibilities are endless, continue reading to know more of Hawaii, it is without any doubt a great holiday destination during the whole year. Continue reading

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Los Angeles, Hollywood, a trip through California

The first thing we can say is that the stereotypes about Los Angeles are quite true. We arrived at Long Beach Airport (LGB), from Las Vegas and decided to take a taxi to our Youth Hostel in Melrose Place. First topic, traffic jams in Los Angeles, are quite real. We arrived early in the morning, it was rush hour and the jam was monumental. The plane from Las Vegas to Los Angeles with the low cost carrier JetBlue Airways cost about $50 (bought well in advance) and the taxi through the traffic jam as it flies to the city’s second airport, cost over $ 90. If you have a driving license I recommend car hire in Las Vegas and drop it off in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles California

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Hawaii Travel Tips and deals

Travel to Hawaii is without any doubt cheaper when using on our website. Travel with us and discover the full range of services we have to offer for your leisure travel to Hawaii. Continue reading

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A weekend in Miami, Florida

Fun, passion, sunshine and nice temperatures. In Florida, Miami is one of the most visited cities because no one knows boredom. If you want a weekend of sun to go in all seasons, Miami is perfect. Take advantage of cheap and Have Fun.

Miami holidays

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Atlanta holiday and travel tips

Atlanta is the capital and largest city of the state of Georgia, U.S.. Atlanta has approximately 600,000 inhabitants. If you are looking to visit Atlanta, one of the places you can not miss in this city is the world headquarters of Coca-Cola.


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Alaska holidays: By train or by car for nature lovers

One of the most interesting destinations for those who enjoy nature, wthout any doubt, is Alaska. There are many ways for discovering that state. One of the best, is by train, and in particular there is a route which seems ideal, the trip from Anchorage to Fairbanks, near the Polar Circle. We can use the train or if we choose car hire Alaska, we can drive and make the same road route. Continue reading

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Iberia flights from Barcelona to Miami

Iberia flightsIberia airline has reported new flights deals that will fly from Barcelona to Miami (Florida, USA), at a price of 389 euros return ticket. These new flights from Barcelona to Miami will begin operating on 29 March 2011 with three frequencies per week in each direction, every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

These new flights from Iberia… Continue reading

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History of Las Vegas: Top 10 urban legends about Las Vegas

Las VegasSometimes we would like to live in hotels. Yes, there is life beyond the Strip. Many life. Like many other “normal” cities, Vegas has schools, government buildings, parks, supermarkets (but with slot machines), community centers and all those things that make a city work. In addition, there are many urban legends.

Continue reading and find out what is real on the myths from Las Vegas with  our last though: What causes the formation of an urban myth that makes the improbable becomes probable? Continue reading

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