Pet allowed hotels

hotel allowed petsWhen we prepare our next trip and search the web for pet allowed hotels, it often proves to be a difficult and exhausting process, since not all hotel reservation sites clearly show hotels that accept pets, and it is just a wasting of time and energy consulting the same hotel chain across multiple websites.

Although it is always advisable to ensure that our pet will be allowed in the hotels we check online, the leading websites offer hotel reservations filters so that we can search only among those hotels that accept dogs. For example, in the form from we can search for hotels that accept pets, which shows only lodgings that accept pets, just make a seatch using your destination city, the date, and on the result apply the filters you like, like as example, hotels which allow pets.

Tips for traveling with pets

  • If you fly, check out all the details with the airlines.
  • If you have to cross borders, you will need all the pet documentation, the destination country will ask for it.
  • Do not forget that many countries don´t allow the entry of pets into public places like restaurants, museums …
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