Is British food that bad?

Although the TV chefs Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver are British, although the the best restaurants in the world awarded by the Restaurant Awards magazine are from London, United Kingdom is not usually identified with good food.

When we think of British food we rather think of a high calorie diet, little variety, or things like fried chips or breakfast with eggs, sausage, bacon and beans. Continue reading | 1 Comment

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Charming medieval Spanish cities

Holidays in Spain is a continuous trip with vestiges of the Middle Ages, possibly the most enigmatic and compelling time in our history. Some are castles, dark Romanesque churches, mysterious Gothic cathedrals and the numerous medieval legends that still remain alive in Spain.

Avila city wall
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Alcohol fountain being built in Georgia, Europe

Georgia, the country (not the American state), is a very unusual holiday destination. But for those who have traveled half the world can be a place to visit. This is a different place, with very affordable prices and surprising findings.
As example a fountain from where will flow ‘chacha‘, the national liquor of Georgia. The city council of Batumi is building the fountain as a new tourist attraction in this city. Continue reading

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Tenerife in Spain, a route through the scenes of ‘Wrath of the Titans’

A city being part of a movie set has always an added advertising. The peculiarities of the Canary Islands have been used a few times to be the landscape of many movies that needed a “different place” to be filmed, the last case is of ‘Wrath of the Titans’.

Some scenes of the film were shot at the Cliffs of the Giants, one of the most spectacular sceneries on Tenerife. Continue reading

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Titanic Belfast museum in Ireland

The Titanic has become a myth and an example of humanity’s ambition. The ship was the largest movable structure ever made by humans. The most famous ship in history is about to celebrate the first hundred years after its maiden voyage and sinking.

Titanic Belfast museum

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China trying to attract tourists to the Tibet Plateau

For a place to be popular among the tourists and to become a desired holiday destination it needs some basic requeriments like the geography, nature, peculiarity of the place… Then it needs tourist services and infrastructure, and China is ready for making the Tibet Plateau more attractive to visitors.

Qinghai Tibet Plateau

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Car rental offers during Easter for car hire in Europe is offering important offers during easter for car hire in Europe!

Car hire Easter offers

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Spain remains the favorite destination for British tourists

Lots of sun, good hotels and good price. Spain continues to maintain its leadership as a preferred holiday destination for British tourists worldwide.

Balearic is the second destination that the British demand. As shown in the last survey in the UK, the British demand for Spanish destinations have registered an increase of 27% during the last quarter of 2011 versus the same quarter last year.

tourist beach

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Top cities with highest quality of life

Viena is top of the list of cities with the best standards of quality of life. Zurich and Auckland come in second and third. At the bottom, closing the list, come N’Dajema in Chad, Bangui in the Central African Republic and Bagdad in Irak. Continue reading to know some curiosities and details about the list. Continue reading

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Costa del Sol in Malaga, Spain

We have just added a new suggestion for your summer holiday, a season that even being not too close, it is enough for us to start planning a visit…remember to plan your holiday in advance to avoid problems, even more if we come to Malaga in the southern of Spain, a very popular place among europeans.

Costa del SolThe Costa del Sol is a great place to spend our holidays with family or friends, with many interesting places to visit, culture, ancient buildings (for those who like them like me) and very friendly people. Continue reading | 1 Comment

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