When travel was glamorous

Travel was emerging as the possibility of leisure, object of desire, to break with the routine.

Europe trip old flyerFrom 1920 to 1940 there was a significant development of railways in Europe and the United States, overseas travel was sold as the luxury item it was and the cars began to gain speed and design.

Drawings with destinations around the world presented today at the Obsessions section belong to the select collection of over 350 travel posters at the Boston Public Library (BPL) and is designed for tourism campaigns between 1920 and 1940, the so-called golden Age of travel in America. Continue reading

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Christmas holidays destinations

In addition to the Canary Islands and Andalusia, always demanded destinations by the christmas season, and the attractive ski resorts, there are many other options where spending the Christmas days. There are some excellent choices for those who enjoy Christian celebrations decorated in traditional style as for those who seek a total escape from the lights and trees. From Strasbourg, to the remote Antarctic or to other destinations such as the enigmatic Easter Island. Continue reading

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Christmas holiday hotels in Spain

Christmas holidaysChristmas is just in a few days, carols, gifts, family meals and holidays, days that we can use to make a holiday getaway with someone special or with our family, but where can we travel to´experience the Christmas spirit a hundred percent? Continue reading

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New York, 40.000 hotel rooms available to celebrate the New Year’s Eve

New York is a classic city to receive the new year. New York will have a total of 90,000 hotel rooms by the end of 2011, however if you are looking for it, we recommend to make your booking in advance for a New Year hotel in New York.

In Manhattan are being built currently 22 new hotels. This make of available hotel rooms in New York a new record, the city expects to increase the number of visitors (48.8 millions) respect the last year (2010)

New York

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Top things to do and to see in Hawaii

Hawaii means deep blue tropical lagoons, white sandy beaches, beautiful waterfalls, lush vegetation, high mountains, active volcanoes and snow (believe it or not!).

In Hawaii you will experience nature, picturesque village, life in the city and luxury shopping centers. The possibilities are endless, continue reading to know more of Hawaii, it is without any doubt a great holiday destination during the whole year. Continue reading

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Top 10 destinations to celebrate the New Year’s Eve

The arrival of a new year is always a cause for celebration and display of lights. Find below what we consider the best holiday destinations to celebrate the New Year.

Did you stay at home the past year after midnight? if so…why not doing something different for the upcoming New Year’s Eve. Continue reading | 1 Comment

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Perfect Christmas beach holiday destinations

Australia christmasIt’s cold! The summer holidays are now a distant memory and winter is coming so fast that we begin to dream of sun, sand, tan … In short, what we will not for long! No, do not despair, there may be a solution … spend Christmas somewhere sunny with warm water beaches or maybe you want to enjoy the snow and ski in some exotic winter destinations?, if you prefer beaches, continue reading and find some of the most popular destinations worldwide in Christmas. Continue reading

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Dubai, a destination for fun and shopping

Dubai has been placed on the travel map as a destination for fun and shopping. Looks like a world for a few and not for all budgets, mainly for those who have much and do not know where to spend it. Continue reading

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Looking for a cheap car hire in Spain

Holidaysresources.com report the importance of comparing various prices before hiring a car:

  • The rates for the same car are a numbers game between companies, according to a study conducted in six spanish cities.
  • The difference is 57.30 euros in the most economical vehicles, and between 83 and 85 euros in compact and the intermediate car rental models.
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Curiosities and facts about Japan

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, there live more than 30 million people in a very short space. Japan’s culture and friendliness of the Japanese people make of this country a very desirable tourist destination for many Westerners when planning their next vacation.

Let’s review some of the curiosities and facts about Japan. Continue reading | 1 Comment

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