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Costa del Sol in Malaga, Spain

We have just added a new suggestion for your summer holiday, a season that even being not too close, it is enough for us to start planning a visit…remember to plan your holiday in advance to avoid problems, even more if we come to Malaga in the southern of Spain, a very popular place among europeans.

Costa del SolThe Costa del Sol is a great place to spend our holidays with family or friends, with many interesting places to visit, culture, ancient buildings (for those who like them like me) and very friendly people. Continue reading | 1 Comment

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Marbella in Malaga (Spain) will have a Cruise Port

Marbella, an established brand in the world and locally-recognized, deserves to have a port able to welcome cruise ships. This happens in other Mediterranean ports such as St. Tropez in France, for example.

The project chosen from a selection of proposals will be in the hands of a partnership between the city council and Sheikh of Qatar, Sheikh Abdullah Ben Nasser Al-Thani, who is also the owner of Malaga CF Continue reading

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Spain holidays and facts

Millions of tourists decide getting to Spain on holiday every year, so there must be great and funny attractions that make all those visitors come year after year. In fact, there is no single reason for not getting to Spain, rather there are many for coming, and all of those reasons make of a holiday in Spain perfect for families, single travelers or couples. Continue reading

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