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Most desired destinations for European tourists

summer holiday destinationsThe most prominent holiday destination is Ibiza, which occupies the first position in the Swedish ranking with an increase of 543%, the fourth in the UK and in Portugal ranking with a increase of 370% and 384% respectively. White Island also figure in the lists of Norway, Germany and Ireland. The biggest increase is… Continue reading | 2 Comments

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What habits annoy us on flights?

Source: Freebase

As you know: there are polls for almost everything, even for specific topics such as knowing what things are bothering passengers the most when traveling by air. This travel poll made by the company FCM Travel Solutions, found that the reasons that most bothered the participants. Continue reading

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Tourists and walking speed on cities

“Sidewalk rage” is the name that identifies the anger we feel when we encounter these walkers too slow in the United States. We get impatient, but sometimes we can not pass because there is not enough space on the sidewalk. It is the discomfort we feel when in the metro / subway, for example, someone occupies the left side of the escalator, not walking on it. We can say it is the pedestrian version of “road rage “, the cause where many car drivers become especially irritable when they are behind the wheel. Continue reading

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