Aerophobia: Afraid of flying?

The aerophobia, better known as fear of flying is an irrational fear that can ruin the holidays for those who suffer. Is this your case? Do you avoid going on holiday if you have to catch a plane? Is your afraid feeling to fly stronger than your passion for travel?

Perhaps if you can coldly analyze your aerophobia you may overcome it. Keep in mind that the plane still being one of the safest means of transport, with a global rate of air accidents of 0.61 (one accident for every 1.6 million flights).

With reference to the flight companies, eDreams has conducted a study that examines the fear of flying and aims to give a description of people who suffer aerophobia. Did you know that 20% of the world population feels fear when having to take a flight?

But not all fears are equal. In one side we can find manageable fear (corresponding to 80% of the total) it means to be worried but not with absolute dread. Another type of fear is the terror feeling, that prevents a person from flying at all because the feeling of panic.

What they fear, really? The 75% admit that their fear is related to the plane in a crash, that problems arise while flying,  bad weather. The remaining 25%, however, feels a more personal fear, fear that something might happen to them.

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