Perfect Christmas beach holiday destinations

Australia christmasIt’s cold! The summer holidays are now a distant memory and winter is coming so fast that we begin to dream of sun, sand, tan … In short, what we will not for long! No, do not despair, there may be a solution … spend Christmas somewhere sunny with warm water beaches or maybe you want to enjoy the snow and ski in some exotic winter destinations?, if you prefer beaches, continue reading and find some of the most popular destinations worldwide in Christmas.

Easier to say than to do right?. However, some destinations offer reasonable prices and guarantees competitive prices in hotels and car rentals. The last question is: Where to go?

There are many options available for our vacation. Why not in the Canary Islands and its pleasant temperatures throughout the year? With its sandy beaches, the smile of its people … You will quickly forget the cold at home!

In Brazil, there is an average of 27 degrees in December. Why not dance samba in Rio de Janeiro, a swim in the beaches of Sao Paulo or a good meal on the terrace in Salvador de Bahia? A Christmas you will remember, guaranteed!

Enjoy good weather and reggae in Jamaica with 26 degrees on average in December, a shark fishing in Australia or on a spiritual journey in Thailand, with 27 degrees, as I said, the options are many. Hawaii is another destination that many people choose during the winter …

What is your favorite holiday destination to spend Christmas?

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