Summer holidays destinations

When choosing our summer holidays destination we have to take in consideration many things, and anyway it always ends up being very subjective. What do we prefer? What kind of attractions entertain us more?.

From we will give you some names of cities, areas or places that have caught our attention. Perhaps some raise your curiosity, or maybe you want to share your favorite places with us. Here we go.

ibiza map

Ibiza overview

Finally, to end with our first three elections, we must talk of Maldives. With its beautiful capital, Malé, and the clear waters that invite you to dive in any season is a very interesting option for those who enjoy living in the water.

All kinds of sports, tours around the bottom of the sea, its inhabitants and their secrets, the Maldives is an essential destination if you travel with small children, there will enjoy the warm waters and all kinds of marine animals.

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