Top 10 destinations to celebrate the New Year’s Eve

The arrival of a new year is always a cause for celebration and display of lights. Find below what we consider the best holiday destinations to celebrate the New Year.

Did you stay at home the past year after midnight? if so…why not doing something different for the upcoming New Year’s Eve.

New Years Eve Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada
New Year’s celebration in Las Vegas is simply the best and the number one in our top New Year’s Eve destinations. There are many clubs, hotels, bars and casinos to choose from, it’s impossible not to have fun. The Strip is closed to traffic for all to see the beautiful fireworks, the Freemont Street Experience is full of people and the experience is very recommended.

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New York, Times Square, New York
Welcome the New Year in Times Square is something you must experience at least once in life. The famous ball drop at One Times Square it’s just something you will remember forever. So wrap up, arrive early and prepare to receive the energy of thousands of people around the world in New York.

Sidney, Australia
Celebrating New Year in Sydney is one of the most famous visual events of the world, with its fabulous display of fireworks from the harbor. Begin the year where it starts officially is something special.

Paris, France
The city of light is always spectacular at night, but nothing beats New Year’s Eve when the atmosphere of Paris is full of flashing colored lights. Go to the Champs Elysées with your bottle of French champagne of course, and get ready to see the Eiffel Tower full of lights to welcome the new year. ‘Bonne Année!’

Austin, Texas
The party that wins the award is the First Night Austin event. It is a holiday celebrated in the streets and in some special places where you’ll find everything from dance and theater to music and food. The streets are closed to the “Grand Procession” and the huge amount of festivities, including fireworks, sculptures, puppets and many more entertainments.

Edinburgh, Scotland
During 4 days the Scots say goodbay to the year with a funny festival,  concluding with amazing fireworks. Hogmanay is considered one of the best winter festivals in the world, so be ready to drink the best whiskey while having fun at large.

Niagara Falls, Canada
A New Year’s party with the majesty of Niagara Falls in the background is out of range. The fireworks brighten the night on two occasions, at 9 pm and midnight. Is a free event organized annually by the Niagara Parks Commission.

Prague, Czech Republic
Fireworks everywhere. Take a walk along the river where you can drink wine and dine until the show begins.

Barcelona, Spain
A traditional feast with family and friends complete with 12 grapes for having luck the next year. Conclude the night with hot chocolate and churros after dancing and drinking all the night.

Bangkok, Thailand
The Thais do not just celebrate the New Year once, so we are celebrating three:December 31, with a great celebration of fireworks and music. In mid-January to celebrate Chinese New Year and finally in April with the Songkran Festival. A single year, three major parties.

Where will you celebrate the New Year? How is your city for celebrating New Year’s Eve?

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    Amazing places to visit on the New Year’s Eve. Well I like Edinburgh the most of all 10 destinations.

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