Top cities with highest quality of life

Viena is top of the list of cities with the best standards of quality of life. Zurich and Auckland come in second and third. At the bottom, closing the list, come N’Dajema in Chad, Bangui in the Central African Republic and Bagdad in Irak.

This research allows the governments and large multinational corporations to establish an adequate compensation in their international assignments and provides highly relevant information about the main cities of the world.

The list was analysed taking into account factors such as internal stability, the level of crime, the effectiveness of the law and the country’s international relations. The research was applied to 221 cities taking New York as the city of reference.

Following the parameter of security Barcelona and Madrid drop down to spots 63 and 68. The cities that head the list of personal security are those with more stability, with good health systems, good international relations and a sustainable development. Luxemburg, Berne and Helsinki are situated on this podium and, again, Bagdad comes in last.

In Europe, the cities of the Old Continent head the list of the highest standard of living due to the quality of their equipment, their medical services and leisure offers. However, the crisis is beginning to affect them and their future is being questioned.

Regarding America, the unsteadiness that exists between North America and South America despite the change suffered by some countries. The political problems and the insecurity are the factors that most affect the countries of Central and South America.

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