Top Nude beaches Guide and best naturist beaches

All the beaches are nude in nature, since there are no laws prohibiting being naked in public places (except in some cities like Barcelona where you can be fined). We do not recommend however to undress yourself in a crowded beach, where the regulars of the beach are not used to nudity. Continue reading if you are planning a visit to a nude beach during your holidays.

nude beach

However, if the beach is somewhat isolated and there are few people, I recommend to find a place far from the few people on the beach, so they can avoid you. The same applies to beaches that are not accessible by car and people have to walk a while to reach it.

And what if you have to take the child in a stroller or need unabled access to the beach? Then there are beaches where access is easy, but have been traditionally occupied by nudists, so nobody is surprised or upset by seeing someone naked.

The local tourist information offices are also a good source of information about nude beaches. They are usually attended by locals who know the area quite well, and can tell you where are the most popular nude beaches in the area and what is the best way to get there…

World´s best nude beaches

  1. Vera beach in Alicante
    Mexico nude beachProbably the most popular nude beach in Spain, with a good range of naturist catering . Almeria has the warmest and driest climate in Spai. Vera Playa is a favorite destination for many European naturalists.
  2. Zipolite – Oaxaca, Mexico
    The most popular nudist beach in Mexico.
  3. El Saler in Valencia, Spain
    This beach is 800 meters long and 50 meters wide. Normally, the occupancy rate of the nude beach the saler is low.
  4. La Herradura in Granada, Spain
    nude beach MexicoLa Herradura, located on the Costa Tropical in Granada province. You will find clear waters and fine sand, where you can practice diving naked.
  5. Anse du Grand Saline y Anse du Gouverneur, San Bartolomé in French Antilles
    Dedicated to those naturists looking for nude beaches.
  6. Hidden Beach Resort, Quintana Roo, Mexico
    It is a resort located one hour from Cancun. Nudist and naturist adults only. It has private beach.
  7. Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada
    Canada nude beachesOne of the most cold and famous beaches in the world. Despite its location far north in the world, receives a large number of visitors willing to remove all clothing.
  8. Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria, Spain
    On the east coast of the dunes of Maspalomas, Maspalomas from Punta to Playa de San Agustin in the south of the island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands).
  9. Playa de Cantarrijan, Granada, Spain
    One of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Tropical de Granada is Cantarrijan. Haulover nude beachThis beach is located in the middle of natural park of Cerro Gordo. It offers a natural paradise that will amaze us.
  10. Haulover Beach, Miami, Florida
    It has a section aimed at those who prefer wearing swimshorts and bikinis, but most of the beach, about 2 thousand and 400 meters long, is dedicated to “lovers of nature.”
  11. Playa Torimbia Llanes, Asturias, Spain
    This beach is 500 meters long by 100 meters wide. Normally the level of occupancy of the beach is not high.
  12. Banana Beach, Skiathos, Greece
    From Skiathos you reach the beach on a pleasant walk of 15 minutes under the olive trees.
  13. Cuevas del Campo, Granada
    Naturist beach of Cuevas del Campo, located in the Negratin Swamp in the region of Baza
  14. Playa de la Joya, Motril, Granada
    This beach is 300 m. meters long and 35 m. meters wide. Normally the level of occupancy of the beach is low.
  15. Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, New JerseyMotril nude beach
    From this beach you can watch Manhattan and the Port of New York in a privileged way.
  16. Samurai Beach, Port Stephens, Australia
    This is the only Australian beach where nudity is legal and this has been enough to become one of the best known.
  17. Playa de Farenoque,Agaete,Gran Canaria
    One of the most beautiful beaches of the west coast.
  18. Cap d’Agde, Cote d’Azur in France
    Croatia nude beachIt is a prestigious resort on the Mediterranean coast of France, southeast of the country. Nudism can be done in a whole neighborhood, with all services and equipment needed.
  19. Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii
    Its main attraction and source of income is naturist tourism.
  20. Valalta, Istria, Croatia
    It has been always said that Croatia is a paradise for nudists. And Valalta is even better, since it is probably the best beach in Croatia for nudists or not.
  21. Playa Cala Morisca – Sitges, Barcelona, Spain
    Florida nude beachBeach in Sitges (Barcelona). This beach is 110 meters long and 25 meters wide. Normally the level of occupancy of the beach cove is high
  22. Apollo Beach, Florida
    Close to NASA, is far from exhibiting anything related to it. It is home of several protected species and is a very popular beach.
  23. Playa Rosada, Santa Elena, Ecuador
    Near the lighthouse is considered a peaceful place for swimmers and special excursions. It is a magical place which worth visiting.Ibiza nude beach
  24. Hanlan’s Point Beach, Toronto, Canada
    Adjacent to a beach area where people use conventional swimwear, this area soon acquired fame and visitors
  25. Playa d’Es Cavallet, Ibiza
    Nude beach south of the island of Ibiza, a 10 minutes drive from the capital.
  26. El Refugio, Playa Chihuahua, Uruguay
    Natural environment of sand, sea, forest, stream and with easy access by car.
  27. Camps Bay, Cape Town, South AfricaCape Town nude beach
    With a long beach lined with restaurants and bars, this resort is where the beautiful people of Cape Town, South Africa, models, movie stars, and the rest of the rich and famous hang out.
  28. Turtle Beach, Ocho Ríos, Jamaica
    One of the busiest beaches in Ocho Rios, while not being the most beautiful beach in Jamaica is the most lively, with a mix of residents and visitors who join the reggae and the nature in its purest form.
  29. Nude beach in Bolonia, Tarifa (Spain)
    bolonia nude beachBecause of its geographical and tourist reality, Bologna is one of the few remaining untouched paradises in Spain. The spacious beach, the dunes decorating the beginning of the beach, creeks and environment make Bologna a place to enjoy nudism.
  30. Maspalomas,Gran Canaria, Spain
    This beach is famous throughout Spain for its large sand dunes that delight  everyone.You can walk naked or with clothes over the beach dunes.
    This beach has become one of the most representative symbols of the island and the lighthouse of Maspalomas on the beachMaspalomas nude beach.
    Clear water, perfect for diving and fine golden sand make the beach of Maspalomas is the most visited of the Canary Islands with more than 2 million annual visits to this beach.
  31. Nature Camping El Portus in Cartagena (Spain)
    The campground is located in a beautiful bay six miles from the historic city of Cartagena. A million square meters in nature, with the best climate in Europe. Far from noise and pollution.
  32. Caleta Colorada, norte chico de Lima, Peru
    top nude beachesCaleta Colorada is the first nude beach in Peru and aims to become the main tourist destination of Nuevo Chimbote, vibrant district of the Ancash region.

Personally, I would like to try nude beaches…but Im shy, what about you? Did we forget any naturist beach you like?

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