Tourists and walking speed on cities

“Sidewalk rage” is the name that identifies the anger we feel when we encounter these walkers too slow in the United States. We get impatient, but sometimes we can not pass because there is not enough space on the sidewalk. It is the discomfort we feel when in the metro / subway, for example, someone occupies the left side of the escalator, not walking on it. We can say it is the pedestrian version of “road rage “, the cause where many car drivers become especially irritable when they are behind the wheel.

What has this to do with a tourism blog? According to a report published in The Wall Street Journal, among the slowest pedestrian in cities are the tourists. For example, running certain behaviors that lead to the inhabitants of the city to be disturbed, standing in the way of pedestrians to take pictures, or browsing huge map, or engaged to look at everything more closely.

Sidewalk RageTourists are not the only thing that cause anger. Those who talk on cell phones while walking are usually on a slow step, and also detract from the environment. Consequence: attracting the “wrath of walkers” to them.

As personal experience, I remember the first time I went to London and stopped on the left side of the escalator…in less than 1 minute I was hearing a guy telling me to move or to step aside, then someone told me that escalators were like driving, you must stay on the right if you are not going to walk, but I did not know!

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